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"Wave International school embraces the challenge of nurturing individual talents and strengths while developing character, academic excellence, leadership, social responsibility and physical wellness."

About us

Wave International school embraces the challenge of nurturing individual talents and strengths while developing character, academic excellence, leadership, social responsibility and physical wellness.

Though the school has rooted its background in rural area, yet we are proud to say, we are catering every possible facility for our students to learn and grow to become a global citizen. Our students have no doubt excelling promisingly well in every area where the best of the opportunites are served. With this feather in our cap, I welcome you to a new year of achieving new milestones. The stage is set, the props are ready, and our students are perched like fledgeling birds, eager to spread their wings and fly to more enriching and spiritual heights.



Krishna Kumar Singh


The Wave International School legacy is long and enduring. For more than one decades, the Wave International family has made education a mission and quality the fulcrum of their commitment. Today, Wave International Schools maintaining a legacy of educating more than 1500 learners annually. We believe in uality and we are committed to it. Nestled in the left of Giridih town and settled in green lush environment offer both Day and Boarding facility for learners in their education mission. It’s a home away from home for learners where they learn, share, collaborate and grow together. We nurture our learners with sincere efforts and inculcate values and arm them with the necessary skills that will help them make the nation proud.

The management of Wave International School brings together an exceptional learning community. Our curriculum and practices, based on learner-centric education, strives to build independent, responsible and global citizens.

As we open our doors to each new generation of students, expectations run high as we believe that our students will grow into the stars in our skies. Every day, every year, we scale new heights, never standing still.


Suraj Kumar Lala


We believe, as John Dewey (1859-1952), the American education reformer, that ‘Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself.’ Inspired from this, our motto `Excellence in Education’ is a resounding echo to this very purpose and to which every Waverian is deeply devoted. This academic year we have seen deeply enriching responses to redefining our limits in all spheres of teaching and learning experience, be it curricula, assessment, new teachers or students too.

Real-life application of knowledge and skills has been the hallmark of the education revolution at Wave International School. The caring and sensitized ethos at Wave has helped our students evolve into caring and achieving members of society and blossom into responsible, global citizens.

In the year that was, we have seen ample evidence of cross-culture exposure and internationalism in classrooms and outside. We lend the platform and work hard backstage to applaud our students in all their activities, be with them, behind them and around them. Podar International School rejoices, celebrates the success of its students has created a niche for itself in the field of education.

I am happy that our work has got recognition and we have bagged two prestigious awards in this regard. I still consider that our journey of success has just started and our destination is still far. I request to all parents to believe in us and support us in this process and be a part of this great deed

Thought of the day




A positive classroom environment is one in which students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, taking risks, asking questions and confronting challenges in their learning.

At WIS we are committed to provide similar kind of environment that foster creativity and growth among learners.

The learning environment is designed in a way that create a type of environment by presenting clear classroom expectations, providing opportunities to improve social skills, building relationships with the students and offering relevant contents. In this type of classroom setting, students feel as though educators value their input. From here, students can become more active participants in the learning process, which makes for a more productive learning environment.


As the old African proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child." One could imagine then that it would take a community to raise a school. We work as a community and take ownership of the issues we face .

I believe the answer to real education/school transformation is strong and authentic when there is authentic community connections and actions. When families, community groups, and schools band together to support learning, young people achieve more in school, stay in school longer, and enjoy the experience more.

For over thirteen years, WIS has been at the forefront of educational excellence, a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality education. We provide holistic education that nurtures the complete development of our students—socially, emotionally, spiritually, cognitively, and physically. Our thoughtfully designed curriculum, innovative teaching methods and data-driven insight create an enriching and lifelong learners.
We celebrate the uniqueness of each student, inspiring them to explore their passions and purpose. Our students develop a profound appreciation and a strong sense of pride for the diverse facets of Indian culture